Mr. Capestrano

Mr. Capestrano
Fig. 1

Mr. Capestrano is by far the most successful businessman in Adobe Skyscraper, and one of the few private citizens to own land in Adobega County. His wealth was procured by a variety of means. He headed the most prolific cereal operation in Adobega County and was rumored to be involved with dubious import and export of wildlife and automobiles. Due to his wealth and status, he must take precautions when traveling day to day. To this end, he utilizes a fleet of dummy autos and custom-made body doubles. These groups leave his estate at hour intervals every day, and travel to various locations in a complicated and ever changing pattern. This tactic makes it very difficult to track or monitor his whereabouts.

Much of Mr. Capestrano's business is headed up by one of his hired workers, be it Molly Szipastica and the hippogator import business, Chef Jeff and the cereal plantation enterprise, Johnny Trujillo and the limousine rental service, or various odd tasks performed by Joe Pasteroni.

Mr. Capestrano has implemented many ideas as entrepreneurial endeavors that he has observed from the annual Grade Scholastic Techno-Science Fair, especially the projects of students enrolled in the innovations class. He often attends the public viewings in the city center to obtain ideas for new endeavors. It was from one of these observational periods that he developed the idea for Cereal Hounds.


Mr. Capestrano is known to have negotiated a deal for the purchase of what is now known as Mr. Capestrano's Mountain from King James. This deal, which was rumored to have occurred in 1951, is the first recorded incidence of Mr. Capestrano in Adobe Skyscraper, though many current historians believe that he has lived in Adobe Skyscraper his entire life. Other than the nature of some of his businesses, and the identities of some of his supposed associates, very little is known about Mr. Capestrano. For example, no one knows his first name. Although many low quality recordings exists of his underlings pleading with him to be reasonable and understanding, they always refer to him simply as, “please, Mr. Capestrano.”

After establishing himself as a cereal mogul, Mr. Capestrano began inviting various groups of people to his estate in order to observe them and obtain news ideas for entrepreneurial endeavors. The ideas he received as part of these exercises, in addition to the ideas he took from Grade Scholastic Techno-Science Fairs became his main source of revenue after the passing of the Cereal Restriction Act. It is unknown how many of the affairs of the city are actually endeavors of Mr. Capestrano, but the estimates range from 30 to 84%, including some schools and research parks.